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  • What are the product dimensions of your candle options?
    Our Jar Candles are 5" tall for 8 oz, and 8" tall for 16 oz. Our votives are approx 2" tall.
  • How long are burn times?
    8oz Jar Candles average burn time between 16-20 hours. 16oz Jar Candles average burn time between 22-30 hours. Votives average burn time is 1-2 hours.
  • What kind of wax are used in your candles?
    Our 8 oz & 16 oz jar candles are created with soy wax. Our 4 oz beeswax candles use 100% beeswax. Our wax melts are created with beeswax and with soy wax.
  • What are proper care instructions?
    Care & Safety instructions can also be found on the base of each jar. Candles should be lit in a well-ventilated area, and supervised. Candles should only be left lit for 1-2 hours so as to maintain proper heat levels, and consistent wax melt. Wicks should be trimmed 1/4" prior to EACH time it is lit. This allows for adequate and even burn. Our candles are made of wax so they should be kept mostly indoors and only outdoors for short periods.
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