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Plants on the Window
"The Biggest Adventure You Can Take is to Live the Life of Your Dreams"
                                                          -Oprah Winfrey

Honey Bee's Candle Co began as a dream in a kitchen in the Northland of Kansas City, in the Summer of 2018. The wax was heating on the stove, birds chirping outside, and July sunlight beaming through the windows. Our creator, Bre Long, was deciding which scent she wanted to add to her newest candle to get in the mood for the summer season. The scent vials in front of her, it came down to Gardenia, Rose, or Lavender. It was not an easy choice, but Rose got the nod and the creation was underway.



As the candle was drying on the shelf outside and honey bees were gathering around the jar, Bre wondered how amazing it would be to have the opportunity to create candles with natural ingredients and spread the same happiness and passion she has with making candles to her friends and family. 

Using unique oil blends, soy wax and beeswax, we're able to offer a variety of gorgeously-scented products that make the perfect backdrop in your home or office. Through the support of our Kansas City community and around the country, we've taken what was once a Summer dream, and turned it into an everyday reality. From our creator Honey Bee, to the rest of our crew, we are so glad to be able to share our passion and joy with each of you.

Real Candles for Real Life.

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