Smithville Arts in the Park

We have been working hard over here at Honey Bee's Candle Co, making all kinds of changes and updates wherever we can. As of last week, our Facebook Shop officially opened and we are now offering Facebook exclusive discounts through Oct. 1st! In addition to Facebook, we also went live on Etsy so we can connect with everyone in our Honey Bee's Candles Family!

The support has been enormous! Our candles are finding new homes everywhere and we are getting rave reviews about them. Those kinds of comments just warm our hearts and make us so happy to be spreading smiles to so many!

Coming up on October 13th, Honey Bee's Candle will be making our second Fall Festival appearance at the Smithville Arts in the Park Fair in a couple weeks! After the amazing fun we had down in Lawrence getting to meet so many new faces, we have had this date circled on the calendar for a long time. If you are free on Oct. 13th, come stop by our booth and pick up one of our featured candles for Halloween, Christmas, or just because! We have several new releases which are now on our Website, Facebook, and Etsy shops and are selling fast so get in and get yours now!

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